Spreadmix 2020

Unleash your full potential as a DJ

Live-stream your set to 7 platforms simultaneously

100+ visualizers
Personalize your stream and create special moments.
Highest audio-quality
One-click streaming to all important platforms.
  • 320kbit/s
More than 7 platforms
Deliver authentic and qualitative audio-content.
We make livestreaming for DJs more comfortable.
All you need for successful livestreaming in one place.
1. Connect your accounts
2. Choose your visualizer
3. Start your stream
The Nr.1 tool for livestreaming
  • 320 kbit/s audio-quality
  • Stream to 7+ platforms
  • 100+ visualizer
  • Automatic sound-input detection
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Record your streams
Reach a wider audience than ever before

It can be hard to reach the audience you deserve as a DJ. Don't waste any opportunity and find new fans. Try out new platforms and visualizers and find out, what your fans like the most!

Try the ultimate DJ-Livestreaming tool
per Month
14 day free trial
Spreadcaster Premium
  • stream all day long
  • 320kbit/s audio-quality
  • over 100 spreadmix visualizers
  • record your streams
Stream to:
Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Periscope, Bandlab, Icecast and Mixer
DJs love the Spreadcaster
"You can now broadcast your favorite music live on Spreadmix"

Nicky Romero
Top100 DJ from Netherlands

"Spreadmix takes the legwork out of livestreaming."

DJ Matt
from Miami/USA

"Spreadmix is very intuitive especially for streaming to multiple sources."

DJ Dheles
from Germany

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it possible to capture audio directly from my Soundcard or my DJ controller?

Yes, the Spreadcaster has been specially designed to stream audio in HiFi quality. Not only does it support capturing from your microphone, but also all common soundcards as well as DJ controllers.

Does the Spreadcaster consume more bandwidth / processing power the more platforms I stream to?

The Spreadmix-Splitting Technology splits the stream on our servers, therefore there's no difference whether you stream to one or even 7 platforms at the same time.

Does my audio/stream quality suffer when streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously?

The Spreadmix-engine always prioritizes the audio-quality of your stream, giving you excellent quality no matter the amount of platforms you stream to.

Are you ready for the Spreadcaster?

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