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Nr. 1 Tool for High Quality Audio Live Streaming

Present your skills to the world - live & authentic Content marketing is the easiest way for DJs to show their skills to the world. 

  • Super easy livestream setup 
  • Highest audioquality (320 kbit/s) 
  • Use Visualiser
  • Simulcast to FB live, Twitch etc. 
  • Record in highest audioquality 
  • Lifetime Account

Broadcast live: Simultaneous casting to all platforms  

Stream on Facebook live, Twitch, YouTube live, Periscope, Twitter and many other platforms simultaneously.

Better content: Add visualisers to your Livemix

Create viral mixes for all existing video streaming platforms. Choose from our live audio visuals for your livestream and personalize your livestream with your own logo.

Record: Record your livesets in highest quality (320kbit/s)

The Spreadcaster records your livesets in highest audio quality and thus creates the most authentic form of audio content that you can share on streaming platforms.

Save time: Autodetection of all existing soundcards

The Spreadcaster supports all existing soundcards. (e.g. RME, Focusrite, Apoge, AdLib, Club 3D, Creative Technology, Digidesign, E-mu Systems, etc.)

The best way to stream live audio on all platforms at the same time. Add visualiser, stream music live in high quality and export your set from your Livestream to Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Hearthis.at, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc. 

Save time: Autodetection of all existing soundcards

The Spreadcaster Lifetime Account gives you unlimited access to all current and all upcoming functions of the Spreadcaster. We are constantly developing the Spreadcaster and working on new features.


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